The Citadel Mascots


noted for their vigor and composed disposition...
they are fiercely loyal and their grip
is very powerful against resistance...

The Citadel has two bulldog mascots, Boo IX and General II, whose main duty is to provide morale for the Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff and all of the Bulldog athletic teams. Other duties include barking at opposing teams, eating numerous dog biscuits throughout the day and being pampered by the cadets that help take care of them while school is in session.

 General II

General II, who was born April 1, 2013, came to The Citadel on November 15th, 2013 after the retiring of General and Boo IX. The mascot program was created by the Class of 2003, which wanted to leave a gift to the college. The class raised $1,000 toward the program's startup. 

General II comes from a long line of bulldog royalty. He is the grandson of of Uga IX the former mascot for the University of Georgia. General was named by Corps of Cadets following a contest to find the best names that help take care of them while school is in session.

 A Long Line of Boos

Boo X was born on May, 18 2013. She joins General as a member of the two-dog mascot team that attends special events, football games, parades and anything involving the Corps of Cadets. Boo X comes from a long line of Bulldogs that have been serving The Citadel for more than 15 years, and is sister to Boo IX.

 Where to Find Them

Both mascots are available upon request to attend Citadel-related events. The mascots are handled by Assistant Athletic Director Mike Groshon, who serves as their caretaker. Groshon is also responsible for overseeing the six-cadet dog handling team. The dog handlers can be identified by their red or blue polo shirts and khaki pants. During weekly parades, General and Boo can be found near the reviewing stands. Dr. John Bradford, '77, is donating veterinary care.

 Bulldog Barracks


The doghouse for General II and Boo X is a barracks style with a Quad updated by Marty Murray in the summer of 2012. It is also has air conditioning due to the fact that bulldogs have small tracheas for their size and can't take in enough air when it is hot outside. The barracks also have an ice bed, two tents and a big fog fan!

 About General II

Name: General II - G2

Birthdate:  April, 1 2013

Weight: 63 lbs.

Hobbies: Just playing around

 About Boo X


Name: Boo X

Birthdate: May, 18 2013  

Weight: 45 lbs.

Hobbies: Loves to give kisses

 About the Caretaker

 Mike Groshon, the Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities/Equipment, is the primary caretaker for Boo and General. Groshon can be seen at most athletic events with either Boo or General, or both, trotting along in front of him.

In addition to caring for the Bulldogs, Groshon coordinates the facility needs for the department of athletics. He is directly responsible for all maintenance and setup for all athletic events, as well as the transportation for all of The Citadel varsity athletic teams.

In addition, he oversees the game-day playing surface at Johnson Hagood Stadium, the football team’s practice fields (Willson Field and Freshman Field), and other athletic facilities. Groshon also is responsible for coordinating special events hosted by the athletic department.

History of Bulldogs at The Citadel

1905    Journal of Second Class “Bulldog Daily Terror” articles by Julian Nohrden (’08) who wrote for the Post & Courier has quotes of Bulldog tenacity   
1909 Athletic teams officially called “Bulldogs”
1928 First live Bulldog mascot used (no name)
1934 Second mascot “Mike” passed away
1937-46 Mascot “Sonny Sue” owned by Captain George Lockwood
1947-48 Mascots “Suzie” and “Jack” owned by Captain George Lockwood
1949-51 Mascot “Joker” owned by Captain George Lockwood
1952-56 Mascot “Plebe” kept by Ben Jackson (possibly the first Bulldog owned by The Citadel)
1957 Mascot “Plebe II”
1958-61 Mascot “Plebe III”
1962-63 Mascot “Plebe IV”
1964-71 Mascot “Boo” kept by Lt. Colonel Courvoisie
1972-73 Mascot “Boo II” kept by Lt. Colonel Courvoisie
1974-75   Official mascot was “Boo III” and unofficial mascots Irish Setter “Big Red” and his companion “Shadow”
1975 Mascot “Boo IV”
1977-82   Mascot “Colonel Ruff” (was later known as “Killer”) owned by R.D. Mosley family.
1983-85 Mascot “Colonel Ruff” is given by R.D. Mosley family to Dr. John P. Bradford. (Colonel Ruff was given because two poodles met their demise in a meeting with him).
1990 “Colonel Ruff” meets his demise at the jaws of an alligator mascot, Patrick, who takes over but only lasts for six months before he passes away.
1991-95 Mascot “Boo VI” owned by Fred Ducker takes over.
1996-01 Mascot “Boo VII” owned by Fred Ducker takes over.
2002 Mascot “Boo VIII” owned by Fred Ducker takes over.
2003-05 Mascot “General” owned by The Corps of Cadets arrives on Aug. 1, 2003. Mascot “Boo IX” owned by The Corps of Cadets arrives Nov. 20, 2003
2005 Mascot “Boo VII” passes away
2008 On August, 29th The Citadel Bulldog Monument, crafted in the likeness of The Citadel Bulldog mascot Boo, is revealed!
   Boo IX with The Citadel Bulldog Monument
2013 "General" and "Boo IX" retire
  Caretaker Mike Groshon with General and Boo IX
2013 "General II Robert P. Carson" and "Boo X" are introduced at the Changing of the Mascots on November, 15th 2013
  General and Boo IX pass on the torch to General II and Boo X



Appearances made by The Citadel Bulldog mascots

Attend Parades
Attend Athletic Events
Attend Special Events
Raised $21,000 for Athletic Department and additions made to Johnson Hagood Stadium
Hosted “Dogs for Alzheimer’s” event in 2008
Participated in “Walk for Alzheimer’s Cure” in 2010
Donate to SPCA annually from 2003-2012
Represent Corps at four separate funerals
Participated in South Carolina Bully Ball in 2010-2012 (raising $35,000, $55,000 and $75,000 respectively)
Represent Bulldogs from states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina
Visit local elderly at retirement homes
Participated in the St. Patrick’s Day Charleston Parade (2009-2012)
Served as models for Bulldog statue erected in front of Johnson Hagood Stadium
Hosted “Beautiful Bulldog” Contest in 2011-12

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