December 23, 2012

Today's Blue & White - QUOTES OF THE YEAR


The officers, board of directors and staff of The Citadel Brigadier Foundation join those in the Department of Athletics in wishing you and your family and safe and enjoyable Christmas and holiday season while offering similar wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

One of the more popular sections of our weekly Today’s Blue & White is the “They Said It” segment.  Here are several statements and/or quips that comprise our “Quotes of the Year” issue for 2012.  And stay tuned because, as expected, there will be more in 2013, beginning with the January 4 issue.

2012's Quotes of the Year

The officers, board of directors and staff of The Citadel Brigadier Foundation join those in the Department of Athletics in wishing you and your family and safe and enjoyable Christmas and holiday season while offering similar wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

One of the more popular sections of our weekly Today’s Blue & White is the “They Said It” segment.  Here are several statements and/or quips that comprise our “Quotes of the Year” issue for 2013.  And stay tuned because, as expected, there will be more in 2014, beginning with the January 10 issue.


Quotes of the Year for 2013


 “They saw us on the schedule, so they made sure they got another option team, Georgia Tech, the week before.  And then they move the Georgia Tech game up to Thursday, so they’d have more time to prepare for The Citadel. … It’s amazing what Dabo will do to gain an advantage.”


  • ·        Coach Kevin Higgins, with tongue in cheek, on the Clemson game. 



“Matt (Van Scyoc) looked like he belonged out there, right from the get-go.  He hits a couple of shots, he’s loose and confident, and he did what he’s been doing the last four games.  He didn’t allow their size and pressure to tighten him up.”

  • Coach Chuck Driesell, after the Tennessee game, on Matt Van Scyoc, who tallied 19 points.

“I had some low points, everybody does. My freshman year, we weren’t doing well as a team, I was young and really didn’t know how to stay up in a bad situation. My parents, they really supported me through that and that’s why I stuck it out.”

  • Senior quarterback Ben Dupree.

“We sat down and watched all his shots on the 6½-hour ride from Lexington. We showed him that about eight of them were good shots, and he made two, and the others were bad shots that affected his confidence. Your mind is so important when you are a shooter.”

  • ·        Coach Chuck Driesell, on working with guard Ashton Moore, who connected for 19 points in the Bulldogs’ 82-68 home-opening victory over Presbyterian.



“When I put on the pink, I know I have to play this game relentlessly and with passion, because of her. I know I’m representing something bigger than myself, and it’s to make her proud.”

  • ·        Defensive back Sadath Jean-Pierre, on his mother who beat breast cancer once and is now fighting it again.



“In our mission statement, it says ‘developing leaders.’ That’s what we do. Everywhere you go on The Citadel’s campus, it is about developing leaders. … One of the things our guys learn is before you lead, you must serve.  That would be a typical standard for all of us. When our freshmen come in, the entire freshman year is about learning how to serve. You don’t say a lot. You listen a lot and you make sure that you serve.


I tell our guys often, when I got the job with the Detroit Lions, I didn’t go knocking on Coach (Steve) Mariucci’s door on the first day and say ‘Coach, I’ve got a great way of running this organization here in Detroit.’ I kept my mouth shut. I did what I was supposed to do and, once you make a stand and do the things you need to do, then you have an opportunity to be a leader within that organization.”


  • Coach Kevin Higgins, to the assembly at the Orangeburg Touchdown Club on Oct. 17.

"From the first day on campus we are expected to serve others. Service makes better leaders."


  • Senior running back Terrence Martin, in an interview with The Post and Courier, on his community service involvement that helped The Citadel get recognized with a 2013 Higher Education Civic Engagement Award.

“The best thing that ever happened to me from a career standpoint was going to The Citadel.  That’s where my love of coaching came from.  The total experience, the young men I was around, the people I came to know.  It was the toughest period in American history to recruit youngsters to the military. … But we just went full-speed ahead, and the coaching staff felt like I did.  We cared for the kids, and wanted to see them develop and grow.”


  • Former football coach Jimmy “Red” Parker, a 2007 inductee in The Citadel Athletic Hall of Fame, on his time as the Bulldogs’ head coach.

“I wanted so badly to rip it (the box) open, to put that ring on my finger and run to my mom and give her the biggest hug in the world.  It was just an overflow of emotions, thinking of all the people — my mother, my father, my brother — who helped me get to that point.”


  • Senior defensive lineman Justin Oxendine, on getting his Citadel.

 “I turned around and he was gone.”

  • Holder Austin Wiles, on his traditional high-five with kicker Thomas Warren after Warren connected on the game-winning 35-yard field goal to defeat Appalachian State in overtime.

 “I always felt like I was a tough guy.  Obviously, The Citadel was a tough school and I had to go through a lot of crap that I wouldn’t have had to go through at another school.  It toughened me up a little bit. … It was mostly mental.  That’s part of football.  You have to go through getting hit, getting up the next play, and still being able to perform at 100 percent the following play.  You have to be tough to be a football player.”

  • Former Bulldog and current Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Andre Roberts.

“Ben came to the sideline and I asked him about his read.  I said, ‘Ben, why didn’t you give it to the fullback?’ He said, ‘Coach, that defensive end came down and took the fullback.’ So I said, ‘Why did you end up keeping it?’ And he said, ‘Coach, he had one arm on me, too.’ … Basically, Clowney eliminated all three options before we even started the play. We’d never gone against a guy with that (arm) length before.”

  • Coach Higgins, recalling a sideline chat with quarterback Ben Dupree in which then-USC freshman defensive end Jadeveon Clowney made a sensational play.

"I am extremely honored to have been chosen to work and teach at a place of such great heritage. It is the best environment I could think of to teach, coach and pass on those things that have been given to me through tennis. I recognize and embrace the deep level of commitment, dedication and work that is required to uphold the excellence which has been established by so many over the generations. My family and I are very happy to be at The Citadel."


  • New tennis coach Chuck Kriese, on joining The Citadel.

Cortez Allen

Coach Kevin Higgins

Aaron Miller

Larry W. Leckonby

Ben Dupree

Thomas Warren

Lt Gen John W. Rosa

Shanna Couch

Derek Douglas

Coach Gerald Dixon
Coach William C. Smith
Coach Chuck Driesell
Former Wrestling Graduate Assistant Jesse Ruiz
Coach Fred Jordan
Julie O'Meara
Coach Smith
Andy Clawson

"It was a great team-bonding experience that allowed us to work with each other to make a difference in the community.  We had fun painting, meeting other volunteers and seeing the difference we made in the house. It's going to be a fantastic new home."

  • Senior volleyball player Erin Bucherl, on the team’s participation with Habitat for Humanity.

“I had guys like Wojo (Asher Wojciechowski) and Matt Talley ahead of me.  And (pitching coach) Britt Reames came in and really put me under his arm and guided me.  I’ve had the same routine for the last two years, and that’s really helped me.”

  • Southern Conference Pitcher of the Year Austin Pritcher, on his coming to The Citadel.  Pritcher is the eighth Citadel hurler to earn the award the first since Asher Wojciechowski in 2010.

"Earning 12th in the nation academically is a great honor for the program and is an outstanding representation of how our

program is competitive both on the mats and in the classroom. This truly shows that the program properly embraces the concept of a student-athlete."

  • Coach Rob Hjerling, on the wrestling program placing 12th in the nation academically by the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

“We call him Jo Jo, Jonathan Johnson, Joe Johnson, Shoes, Shoe-y. Pretty much anything but Joe Jackson.”

  • Senior right-hander Austin Pritcher, on catcher Joe Jackson, the great-great-great-nephew of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

“It’s a huge challenge for a freshman.  You go from playing in your local town to pitching in front of 5,000 people against some of the best players in the country. That’s where you learn what kind of competitor you are.”

  • Senior pitcher Austin Pritcher, on pitching the mid-week game against a foe like the University of South Carolina.

“Mike has been a great example of a cadet-student-athlete during his four years here at The Citadel.  His contributions to the program will extend beyond what he has done this season and I am thrilled to see Mike earn All-America honors alongside some of the top programs in the country, such as Indiana and Duke.”

  • Basketball Coach Chuck Driesell, on Mike Groselle earning Senior CLASS first team All-America honors.

"It was another really good day for us because we wanted them to finish strong and they did.  Ugi got the pin to place fourth which was very strong, and Odie finishing his career with a win, pin and the all-time wins mark was special to see.”

  • Wrestling coach Rob Hjerling, on the successes of Ugi Khishignyam and Odie Delaney, who earned All-America status at last weekend’s NCAAs.

“A lot of people thought we’d be a team that just scores a run here and there.  But we’ve hit the long ball pretty well and we’re driving in runs with two outs. Coach (Fred) Jordan always said, two-out RBIs win championships.”

  • Senior pitcher Austin Pritcher, on the baseball team’s early-season successes.

“Phil Hartig used to hit some of the longest homers I’ve seen from a right-handed hitter.  But two of those balls Bo hit the other night — those were two of the longest I’ve ever seen.

  • Coach Jordan, on Bo Thompson’s home runs.  Of note, Hall of Famer Phil Hartig is the college’s all-time home run leader.

“Our trainer told me before that game, if you just hit home runs, you won’t have to run.  I guess I took it to heart. It was the best night I’ve ever had, so far.”

  • Designated hitter/first baseman Bo Thompson, who has been hobbled by an ankle sprain that caused him to missthree games, on his three-homers one night and his pregame discussion with trainer Matt Smith.

“It’s not that I didn’t believe I could play Division I baseball, I just didn’t know if other people believed it.”

  • Center fielder Brett Bullard, the first graduate student ever to play baseball for The Citadel.

“I enjoy watching Mike Groselle play.  He’s kind of old-school, a throwback type of player.”

  • Former Maryland great Len Elmore, whose son Stephen also plays for the Bulldogs, on senior center Mike Groselle.

“(He would) fit in very well with the players you see on those old newsreels on ESPN from the 1950s and

1960s. … He uses his IQ so well.  He sees the game so very well and plays the angles. And for a guy who doesn’t jump well, he has an uncanny knack for deflections and blocked shots and preventing second shots.”

  • Davidson coach Bob McKillop, on Groselle.

"I'm speechless. That's one of the most remarkable wins I've ever been associated with. ... We just challenged them, and they responded."

  • Basketball coach Chuck Driesell, after the Bulldogs came back from 18 down in the second half to defeat Furman in Greenville on Saturday.

“You know when it’s difficult for them and they still want it, it’s doing something good for them.”

  • Strength & Conditioning coach Donnell Boucher, on the football team's use of yoga in the offseason.

“But we need not wonder where to find the heroic people who put their lives on the line for our country:  They come from special places across the land – including The Citadel.”

  • Editorial, The Post and Courier, January, 16, 2013.

“It’s like how you drink sweet tea down here and hot tea up there, it’s a different environment.  There are more courts up there, more country down here.”

  • Freshman basketball player Raemond Robinson, on growing up in Madison, Wis., before his family moved to Goose Creek.

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